Liquid Sphere advises companies about their IT strategy thus preparing them for the future. If necessary or requested Liquid Sphere also provides accompanying software.

Liquid Sphere also provides tailor-made applications. Each company is different and has different working methods. Liquid Sphere provides, at 50% lower rates than their competitors, you with an application which is completely conform to your wishes and demands. It does not matter if it's a client-server, standalone or web application. When you decide to commence a development course, a project manager will be assigned to you for the duration of the project, who will take of the communication between you and the developers of Liquid Sphere. He will assist you in taking important decisions and advise for the duration of the project. The next steps will take place in a tailor-made project:

1. Intake; an orientation meeting where the reciprocal expectations are taken in consideration. In this meeting Liquid Sphere will indicate how Liquid Sphere will tackle this project.

2. Initialisation phase; if the size of the project requires it, Liquid Sphere will design a functional design with an hour estimate. The result will be a quote for the other phases. The quotes of Liquid Sphere are always based on after calculation. This means that if you have a quote for 200 hours and when the project is completed and Liquid Sphere only spent 150 hours to complete the project you only have to pay 150 hours. If Liquid Sphere spends 250 hours you will receive an invoice for 250 hours. The default tolerance level for exceeding quote hours is 10 percent. Before exceeding the tolerance level the project manager will consult with you. This could occur if new functionalities would surface. If these extended functionalities would have to be developed after a certain date Liquid Sphere will perform an impact analysis.

3. Development phase; in this phase Liquid Sphere will develop your product in a structured and accurate way. In the mean time you will get the opportunity to conduct multiple tests to assure that your wishes and demands are met. You will also receive progress reports every two weeks, which include risks and the development status. If necessary we will arrange a meeting to tackle potential problems before they occur.

4. Testing phase; during this phase you will get the opportunity to test the completed application. Liquid Sphere will assist you in this phase if you find this necessary. Before you will conduct the test, a functional designer will have tested the application where he checks if all the functionalities, which are described in the functional design, where properly developed. If errors or bugs occur out of these tests, Liquid Sphere will solve these.

5. Implementation Phase; After the completion of the development and testing phase Liquid Sphere will assure you that your application will be implemented the right way.

6. After Care; During a period of time Liquid Sphere will give after care. Any malfunctions or bugs during this period will be fixed by Liquid Sphere.

7. Documentation; All products developed by Liquid Sphere will be delivered including all needed documentation like manuals, functional design etc. If you have the need for other documents there is the possibility to develop these documents during the project.

8. Service Level Agreement; Liquid Sphere offers you the possibility to take on a service level agreement. By taking on this contract you will have the right to a certain amount of hours which will be spent on administrating and change management for your product. Together with Liquid Sphere you will decide on the amount of hours you want to acquire.
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